Are we shadow banned or something? The OGs?

I’m definitely not shadowbanned these guys have Been coming in hot and they don’t stop


Big thing to bring success is always remember the 7 effective habits of highly effective people. One of those is active listening and understanding. Understanding this new audience coming in and proactively adapting to it will get you better success with the new people we have and you may even build a stronger connection with the new people arriving too!

No my idea is not that original I get it lolll

I’ve been having virtually nonstop activity since this happened, mostly on my silly content but also things I didn’t necessarily expect like loops. But yeah, I think the ppl from the TikTok masses are just sticking to what’s relatable for them for the most part and that’s likely effecting their mix section as well.


Money machine is an absolute bop :fire:

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yess he gets it :heart_eyes: stream 100 gecs

The algorithm will be changed again soon

Yeah <3 Soo uhh sry to bother but how do I delete something?:point_right:t3::point_left:t3:

thanks i learned a lot from this

also @Imgay a post on the forums or a video on the app?

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A video

go on your own video, click it, share button at the top right, three dots on the right, delete post

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Dhskjdkwkdlw I LOVE YOU THANKS <333

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I personally don’t think so- the new users are coming ober in thousands and supporting each other, but not really anyone else. This accounts for the channels being filed with nothing but that, adding to lower engagement. This will either die down, or the app will adapt. I don’t think it was intention, as a few OG’s the straggle between Gen Z and millians have seen a riae in engagment and No-hearts/fairycomments/NOT FUNNNY stype stuff.

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I’m getting new random followers I’m not sure how

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