Are we going to have more access to edit the videos?

Like time on Vine I know we had not to much editing on the app will we have more access like an edit to have a thought in your head speak but not talk or something like that but edit on V2 @dom

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as of now, theres nothing set in stone. multiple topics have been created to debate and discuss the input of editing tools, check them out

Editting on the app would be great, but I don’t think we’ll know for sure until later

Yeah we hope to have that, but as of now we dont know and like @kaden stated there are topics that have been created about this certain topic

Hey check out other posts before asking, thanks!
Here and Here and Here and Here and many other threads

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It would be amazing to edit in the app but we don’t know yet, we may or may not be given filters as our editting tooks

I think there should a Text features just to post memes faster and easier.