Are People Addicted to Drama?

Between all these reality t.v shows, and youtube drama channels, it seems like there’s more people addicted to drama,then watching things which are more positive or something more practical. Share your thoughts below


Why do you think the Kardashians are famous?


I would say that is a verifiable fact

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no im just addicted to crack cocaine


I think dramatic entertainment runs on a system of outrage. Seeing people choose to do things we would never do makes us feel better about ourselves than the person we watch. We take pride in our own strong morals, can feel like we are preparing for moments in life when people betray us, and have an example to spot emotional emergencies we want to avoid.

I just read a great article about this:

And there are a lot of other great articles on outrage also on Psychology Today.

The trouble with outrage and drama is that we sometimes don’t stop at preparing ourselves for betrayal and want to put pressure on other people to follow our own moral rules. Some rules like murder being taboo are easy to follow for most people barring mental health problems. Others are not really one size fits most rules and there are factors outside of the average humans’ control that make it harder to follow them. If it’s a less common situation like homosexuality, it just takes time for people to find it easier to talk about the different normal and not be outraged upon discovery of it in others.

I like writing scripts, and when I write I work out both what outrages me about other people and what outrages other people about me. I try to remember what most people are hearing in most of the entertainment stories I see and multiply it by a thousand to decide whether I want to echo or refute that message. A LOT OF DRAMA ALL THE TIME IS SO DRAINING!!! I’d like to get to answers to shocky feelings that don’t hurt people after all the venting is done.


Yep, they are

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short answer: yes

General chat in Byte discord is where you’ll find your answer :ok_hand: spoiler alert, the answer is yes


Very true point. Heard they get paid a million a post. That’s crazy

Unforuntately so. Seems like society as whole around the world feels stuck and rather be addicted to the garbage at times. I understand its just buisness at the end of the day, but still…

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Well if its just the fugees song, then I’m all for it

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Honestly read the whole post, and have had the same feelings about this for a while. You see it all the time thru the web with clickbait. I’d go on, but I’ll save my rant for another day

Sadly enought that couldn’t be truer

I’ve rarely used the byte discord chat, but I’m not surpirsed. Won’t be suprised when a drama channel comes out on byte.

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You know what’s really funny my life

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unfortunately yes… but watching drama is not a bad thing. Making drama happen in your real life is the worst thing EVER! So watching it as entertaining is not a bad thing :smiley:

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Time to make a reality tv show on that ASAP

Understand where you’re coming and agree with this opinon, quite a bit. I like the drama of chef ramsey in kitchen nightmares, but shows where you have a bunch of rich kids complaining about the latest iphone, not so much

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