Are my Bytes not reaching people or do I just need to practice more? (seeking feedback)

Hi all! I’m @sirericklorinc and I’m happy to be here! So I’ve been making videos for the last week and every single one seems to follow the same pattern of the 6 same bots liking it, maybe 1 new follower, and a few "follow me, I’ll follow you"s.

My bytes have ranged from funny:
To silly/relatable:
To weird loops:

Idk if they’re the best bytes lol, but I feel like they’re “more than 10 bot likes” good, right? What do you guys think?


I actually like it, I’ll check your page out. I’ll rebyte few videos :ok_hand:t4::rocket:


Oh thank you!


You have good content maybe its the time you upload thats bad. Some of your bytes definitely deserve more than 10 likes. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I got you

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Yeah, I get the same thing. My first byte was like 3k views and 90+ likes.
Now I’m lucky to get 10 likes, and a follow/unfollow.
Most of the likes are bots.
And I’ve noticed the bots seem to like and unlike now too. :man_shrugging:

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The algorithm isn’t very good at the moment, however I’ve heard in a few weeks the app will be updated and things will be fixed. that’s why only a few people are getting good amounts of likes at the moment.

also you’re really funny


Your bytes are actually decent quality, especially for someone who hasn’t been uploading for very long.

My advice is this:

  1. Keep uploading, daily if possible, always trying to improve.
  2. Do more bytes with higher quality editing (you have a few of these that are pretty good)
  3. Interact with other byters (comment a lot, but don’t spam people… The more comments and likes you give, the more you get)
  4. Find other similarly sized byters to collab with
  5. Play around with different categories (comedy is the most highly competitive category. But if another category is applicable, try that one. It’ll be easier to rank).

I know it can be discouraging to put a lot of work into your videos and not get the visibility you want, but we all started there. A lot of the people who are consistently on the popular page have made well over 100 bytes total. So it’s a long process. Just keep creating and improving.


#5 is top-notch advice that matters!


Yeah I try to upload almost every day. I haven’t went past 50 likes since that one time I trended before byte launched! :frowning:

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Your bytes are good.

@BrendanCescon pretty much hit it on the nose. I think a lot of people have a misconception that social media just requires them to post stuff and hope someone takes the bait. But in reality social media isn’t social media if you eliminate the social aspect. That’s just media.

Anyway be sure you’re proactive about connecting with others. I started out at 6 likes per post (mostly bots.) I’m definitely not a big byter by any means, but I’m getting closer to the 15 to 20 range within the month of using it. Just make sure you’re fostering a community and connecting with others. Do that and I think that’s your ticket, cause your content is good.


Found ya… your bytes are better than 10 likes etc.

Being interactive is definitely helpful as mentioned and algorithm improvements hopefully
will also help in the near future, and I don’t think it’s a matter of “higher quality” bc plenty of bytes and vines for that matter exploded that were one shot, one liners… just think the app is a little unbalanced rn.

I have bytes that are funny too and I’m active but who knows why something is landing for some and not a wider ranger of people. I wonder if the majority of byte users are 18-22? if so, def different tastes.