Are Forums Toxic?

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If you had your choice, would you rather Byte have no forums? The majority of what I see here are opinions and opposing opinions. Does Byte actually read the forums? Do our opinions actually matter? Does having a community forum hurt or help the app? Do you spend more time on the forums or creating/interacting with content? What if all the interactions we’ve had here, happened on the actual app- would that be a good or bad thing? Voice your opinion below :arrow_down:


The Byte forum and the community that was created here is what shaped this app because the Byte team actually listens to us most of the time. Yes there will be arguments and disagreements because it’s like a big family with a wide spectrum of people and opinions here. In general, this forum has fostered a community that makes Byte unique, and it should never go away.


I’ve actually learned some diplomacy and deescalation strategies from being on the forums


The forums, in my opinion, promote a sense of community. I feel like it’s a benefit to have them. The Byte devs probably do read a lot of the stuff on the forums and see what we have to say. Many great ideas and conversations can come from here. When I’m not creating content, I do usually check the forums just to see if I can comment on a thread here. There’s always going to be opposing opinions, but if we can all be mature about it, there shouldn’t be a problem.


Always have been :eye:


This is for me what really separates byte from other video platforms. People actually connect and are able to be comfortable with themselves. The forums allow us to understand each other and even when people disagree and fight it’s because they really care this community and its future. Honestly I was really shocked learning there were forums at all. On other platforms people only care about the amount of followers they have and how many likes and views they get. They don’t take the time to form bonds with their audience and that’s why Byte to me is superior. Big or small, everyone has a voice here! I love it. Toxic behavior is putting someone and their content down because they have a larger audience than you and you can’t understand why and you don’t think they deserve it. People can definitely be toxic but I don’t think the forums are toxic overall.




Forums are a good thing. Discussions are a good thing.


I wouldn’t necessarily say, “toxic”.
I’d probably describe it more as a public place to vent out our daily frustrations among each other, which can collide into one mass bomb of anger and finger pointing.


One more thought

These forums are an experiment in community building and increased transparency between staff and users. We have high hopes, but, like all things on the web, there is always the chance that an idealistic dream can lead to a toxic reality. We’ll do our best to address and fix anything that might throw things off course, but if we ever do reach that point where we feel that things are beyond our control, we might have to end the experiment . That would be very sad. Let’s all try to be decent so that doesn’t happen.




Interacting on the forum, because i knew from the start this is where the community for an emerging service would congregate to bounce feedback back, and forth.

My opinion, it would clutter the app and create a more toxic atmosphere where users (not saying this happens exclusively on the forum) begin dragging each other, instead of focusing on the creativity that the service is highlighted for.

I’ve been here from the beginning (soft opening), and I knew from the start a forum for a new social media service would be the perfect place for discussion between community members/service developers (and they do an awesome job of it). Just from my interaction w/ the community liaison I know they read it. Heck you see dom replying to topics, like deep into the replies, so yes he reads them.


the people can get toxic sometimes, yes. that’s what happens when you’re given such a free space to share any opinion you have. but, my favorite part about this forum and community is how quick everyone is to “check” each other. when someone is angry, someone else makes sure to see their point before stating their own opinion. when someone goes overboard or starts attacking, another person calls them out for it. like @TomWho said in another thread, it’s like a big Italian family with everyone being passionate and loud about their opinions, and I genuinely love that. (tom, i think you were the one that said that, but i might be wrong. i’ve done a lot of reading here today lol)

there has been a lot of disagreement in the past few days, but like I said, anything that came close to toxic behavior was almost immediately shut down by other people in the conversation. i think most people also understand how easy it is to get carried away in these situations where everyone has something to say, which is why you try to look past the emotions and look at the actual points being made.

that being said, the conversation needs to be shifted to a more productive one. we cannot sit here and complain about every single thing, but rather find a common ground and talk through that. that’s where the forum plays such a huge role by giving us the space to discuss this. everyone has stated their opinion in these last few days, now we just need to put emotions aside and work together to make this feel more like a community than it has lately.


Yes, that was me. :slight_smile:


ok good lol!! i loved that analogy


Talking out opinions isn’t inherently toxic. Conflict is how we sharpen one another and grow when it’s handled well. Things get toxic when we get angry and start attacking during conflict OR when we refuse to have the conflict and work through the concerns.