April Fools Bytes!

Hey y’all! Happy April Fools Day! Today is a day where we can let loose a little bit more and actually have a LAUGH! Here’s my #AprilFools Day Byte! Drop Yours Below So I Can See All The Fun Bytes! I’m Also Checjing The Hashtag But I May Or May Not Be Making A Special Edition April Fools Day Byte Compilation For My Youtube Channel! So, Drop The Links Below!:fire::stuck_out_tongue::smirk: https://byte.co/b/BMOK3EdM7FR


Oh it’s April Fools, what’s that ?

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Hahaa ya okay! Happy April fools day pac

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I made one. I didn’t see that many April fools posts plus it wasn’t a featured tag. I felt so left out yet appreciated lol.