Apps that pay you for walking

I recently tried Sweatcoin but I don’t like it because it takes forever to earn a desired amount (for me it’s 20,000) because it doesn’t count all the steps, or it has a 5% commission. Any suggestions?

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Didn’t even know this was a thing, I wouldn’t earn anything :laughing:

It’s gonna take me months to get what I wanted :sob::joy:

I’ve been lazy these days. If it’s true, I would run 10kms a day! :star_struck::star_struck: Well, which app is it?

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Honestly the offers aren’t even that great.

True, the only thing I wanted was the phone but I’d rather buy it myself since it seems impossible at this point to buy it with sweatcoins

Apparently, Apple slows down their phones intentionally? My mum still wants to buy the new iPhone :joy:

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I think she should wait but at this point I have no idea what I want to do :joy:

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If you can get the phone for free by walking, that’s great but I don’t think iPhone X is worth the money. I personally don’t like the fact that it has no home button and the screen is v big and I’d rather get the iPhone 8 but if you need a new phone then why not?

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True, I may wait mid-summer or early fall to get it