Approximate release date for v2!

Hey guys. So as we all know V2 will be out sometime and we do not know when is the release date. But I couldn’t help myself to try and find a way to know when is the release date of the app. And I did(well I found the approximate date).

What do we know:

  • Dom said in one of his tweets that V2 will be out when it gets hotter in the northern hemisphere wich probably means spring. And the first day of spring is March 20.

  • We also have for information that he started working on this app during the early december of 2017. Coding apps take around 4 - 6 months but since this ISNT the first version and Dom already coded it a few years ago( he already knows his shit) it should take a bit less time. So lets say 3 - 5 months.

So if we gather up all of this information together the release date of V2 should be around Mid April or Mid May. Yes it is still a long time but there is probably a solution to make time go faster.


He also is going to have live coding sessions which that means he will update us on how the code is coming along

Wow :star_struck: You make a great work! Thanks for the information

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It seems so far away

U smart :sunglasses:

Thx man!!

Yep. I can’t wait for it neither

Don posted on Twitter:

“We’ve been trying to make v2 happen for over half a year. no one was supportive…”

That means he working longer on it than just a month right?

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I think what he meant was finding the right team.

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Hey there. Please read this thread:

Dom specifically said to not speculate about release date! Please read all threads under Announcements!


Just hype for v2