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Hi guys! I was on a little hiatus because we had these stressful exams (similar to mid-terms) and I had little to no time to visit here. Firstly I just wanted to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Secondly I wanted to thank everyone who makes this community what it is! This is such a welcoming environment and it’s thanks to people like you. To end my night on a high note, what are your favorite things about the forum? Mine would be the atmosphere and getting to meet new people!


That’s what this Vine community is all about :smile:


i like meeting the nice awesome people

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It’s awesome getting to know different people :smile:

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I really like the overall attitude of the forum and the community we’ve been able to be a part of. Everyone is generally excited and we have been able to echo our hype off of everyone in the forums and keep the flame alive!


I love the hype and general positivity!


Hope you did well on your exams! Glad to have you back :slight_smile:

Most definitely the people

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yo 8char

I genuinely just really like the community :slight_smile:

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