Apparently im a pick me girl 😹

I got called a pick me girl on my tiktok alt for defending the military❤️ alt confuses me sometimes✨


“Pick me girl”?

Google here I come

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“a pick me woman is one who tries to distinguish herself from other women with the intent of making herself appear more appealing to other men.”

OHH I know the type. Didn’t know there was a name for it

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That’s a dumb insult. Sounds like an attempt to make you feel bad because they don’t want to actually come up with any good arguments.

And defending the military doesn’t sound at all like something a “pick me” girl would do…idk people are stupid.

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Also, it’s so sexist to assume a girl is doing anything specifically to attract men or accuse them of that. I know some guys/girls would probably see any girl who is a genuine fan of football, baseball, or some other sport as just “pick me girls.” But like, even if they aren’t and just wearing a jersey to a game with their date or something and taking instagram photos, like leave them alone? It’s just so f*cking annoying hearing that people are still judging girls based on how attractive they are to men.

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It’s the good ol’ “I don’t agree with what you’re saying but I can’t think of a response so I’ll just throw an insult at you instead because I am so clearly mature.”


And for girls who are faking being into things to attract the attention of guys: Care more about yourself and what YOU are interested in and stop bending over backwards for what you deserve without all that extra work. If a girl is truly a “pick me girl” then she probably has her own self esteem and image issues. The solution isn’t to create an insult for girls to call other girls and tear them down further…

And also, if a guy picks a girl who is clearly lying about being into something for him, love yourself enough not to be interested in that guy anymore lol. There are billions of fish in the sea.

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Didn’t you know? Only boys like the military


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Apparently :woozy_face:

i think it was because the video said the lgbtq is braver than the military and the military is “not brave” so i defended the military and because i dont worship everything about the lgbtq nevermind im literally bi im apparently a “pick me girl” lol ok. people throw terms around everywhere lmao

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Yeah that’s ridiculous lol