App Statistics Page

So was wondering about having an “App Statistics” page. For example, you can see how many users have singed up per day/week/month/year/ all time. Could also show many videos and comments are uploaded/posted per day/week/month/year/ all time.

Whats your guys thoughts? :smiley:


I hope that V2 have that because all the social networks have it

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so sorta like the stats tab for tumblr except for the entire community or for certain categories?

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yeah I am sure this would be in for accounts that choose to be serious such as instagrams “business” page

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You mean something like YouTube analytics? I don’t remember the name of the app, but it was really helpful. It even lets you know what type of content is the one that your users like the most.

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Yea similar to that. But the stats cover the whole App not unique to the user.

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please add this to v2. there may be “stats” sites to “phish”

This idea is interesting. Even if not everyone refers to it, it would still be nice to have.

That’s a great idea! That way you can really see what contend connects best with your audience!

True, this could lead to multiple phishing stats site being released, so gotta be mindful of that

I think it would be cool to have analytics available! You can see how to grow your audience & what your audience prefers in an orderly, efficient manner