App Shutting Down After I select the Byte Beat

Good afternoon @dom and @cami_p

So my phone is Motorola Moto Z3, and after I upload my Byte, and I select the Byte Beat, the app shuts down. I am on my home screen, and I go onto the Byte app again.

The draft is saved (meaning my Byte is with the Byte Beat), so I just need to publish it, but every time I use Byte Beats, the app shuts down.

Please let me know if you need any more information from me. Thank you!


Mine does, and I can apply the audio, it just that the app will shut down first, then I have to go back to the app, and the draft is saved with the Beat, and I can publish it.

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They know of a glitch rn that causes the app to shut down if you try to load a second audio clip while the first beat is loading (It takes a bit for the audio to load, my video goes black and shows the loading circle before I can try out another beat). They said they’re currently working on a fix for it

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