App & Invention Ideas!

We’ve all had these really cool ideas for phone apps or inventions, but never found the time to even consider making it, so I wanna know, what inventions have you guys thought about? Give each other feedback on the ideas, and ask plenty of questions!
It may seem pointless, but it’s encouraging creative thinking, and who knows? Someone may find the courage to make something they’ve been wanting to make! Out of pure honesty and trustworthiness, please don’t steal anyone’s idea and make a million dollars out of it :wink:

My Ideas:

  • Security app for schools; cameras around the school pick up unusual activity, mainly monitored by someone, and alerts all connected students via app to either take cover or evacuate immediately, this could work for natural disasters also. Instead of the principal finding out from a forecast, then making an announcement over the intercom, students and teachers can be alerted almost immediately through the app, mostly used in classrooms with little to no windows.

  • An app that connects to your pet’s food bowl. When under a certain weight, this means that your pet doesn’t have any more food. Say for instance the program senses that the bowl is < 2 oz, it will send a notification to the user’s phone alerting them to refill the dog’s bowl.

I’ve had plenty more but I want to hear what you guys come up with!


An app which listens to you 24/7 and gives you great advice on things asap.

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I like that, kinda like a digital best friend.
But the the FBI will find a way to gain access

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fbi and cia already do this without the need for new apps :rofl:

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facts :joy:

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That’s why my home is alexa-free :wink:

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I really liked the idea of the camera app, the safety of children is very important

Thanks! I thought of that the other day and it’s actually very practical

CopSync is a program (app?) for Windows and mobile that works as a red alert button in schools or other organisations. We use it at my school. All PC’s in the district are linked. If I click on CopSync, every PC gets an alert and all police within so many miles start cruising to the building the alert came from.
When CopSync activates, it’s also a chat where anyone can type updates, e.g. description and location of an attacker.


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ouch that hurts

i had a good idea that i was gonna post and then i forgot it. noooo…

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An app which tells you where you’ve put something… This will make up for my stupidity


I would to create an app. But financing it will be hard. Better wait for the other inventions. :crazy_face:

Nanowood: Super Insulator of the Future?

If you guys are serious about creating these apps/inventions, you probably shouldn’t be saying them on a forum, especially if they’re an original idea.

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