App group notification

to be honest, i don’t think i’m the only one who turns over in the morning to find Facebook has written an essay as a notification and then when you eventually open this pain staking thesis you are presented with the home page when what made you click it was the key words or names so i think in V2 group notification should never be considered and every notification should have its own text box/ notification box

I never seen facebook’s “essay”, can you screenshot?

my phone broke yesterday, i’m using my old one but it was slightly exaggerated. usually, i will get a notification saying “person 1, person 2 and person 3, all have their birthday today. Also, person 4 updated their status recently”

ohh yeah facebook is really aggressive

i agree, what’s your opinions, only post notifications and dm notifications

I should be like instagram’s where you can choose what you want to see

fair enough