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What does everyone think of the “revine” button? I feel like because of “revine for revine” it ruined content, profiles and almost ruined the app in general however it showed off other people’s content that deserved it. Thoughts?


I think the button of re…whatever social media, is crucial because people do not steal content from others, they get a chance to just tap a button and share it to their followers, it is a way to support the creator and expand their content to you own community


@TonyGaSch also can agree with that! Thanks!

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I personally loved it but there’s definitely some negatives to it. Yes, the whole “revine for revine” was really bad and ruined some aspects of vine. But, at the same time, if a smaller account got revined by bigger accounts, it allowed the account to get noticed in the community and grow! That’s why I liked the revine feature.


Agreed! Thanks @sagemuro


There’s always a negative thing to an amazing positive thing, but I like the revine button.


The revine button was definitely one of my favorite vine features. I feel like it gave a lot of those iconic vines the exposure it needed to reach us all.

Which in domino effect makes artists want to create more art and increases the longevity of v2!

Hello! I study editing, writing, and media at Florida State University and I am currently studying how media is spread via participatory culture. Without buttons to repost or share, there’s not a feasible way to spread content within a platform, therefore the media stays in one place. V2 seems to be an app concept centered around sticky content in that artist’s create content in order to generate audience interaction, accumulate likes, format memes/references etc. Without a re-v2 button, v2s would not be able to spread within the platform, and artists would have to rely on outside platforms such as twitter or instagram for their content to spread, in which case credit could not be given properly.

There it is, my ~knowledge~ and ~opinions~

If you want to read up on the concept of media spreadability, check out Henry Jenkins and his work. He predicted that we would have streaming services today ten years ago so the guy knows his stuff

Different forms of revine for revine exist on every platform. I.e. sub for sub, like for like, Follow for Follow, comment for comment, etc.

I think that it’s crucial to have that because it also helps a lot of creators grow

… just waiting for the app so I can end some careers :shushing_face: