App Crash. Trimming

Trying to upload a clip from camera roll, the app crashes when I try to trim it from the right side. A black bar is added at the end of the clip for a little and then it crashes. iPhone XS. beta version 0.3.3


specific video causing the issue or every video? are you using a sound or no?

Tried 4 videos. Not using a sound. I just noticed it only happens when I confirm the trim and then hit the back arrow. Here’s a screenshot of the black bar I mentioned

crash happens specifically when I skim to the end


was just able to reproduce this. it’ll get fixed in the next version but the workaround for now is probably what you guess: don’t go back to the trim from the preview screen


This happens to me too you just have to slide the bar SLOW and it tends not to crash.

Yeah I had the same issue so I just trim it in my phone first.