Apology <3

I posted this in the replies of a random thread but I figured it be easier for everyone to see if I made a thread

I don’t know where to start or what to say.I’m not sure why I was here to be honest, I think it was my intrusive thoughts catching up to me reminding me of the behaviour I displayed on the byte app, all I know is that I need to apologise and get this off my chest. A few months ago there was news of tiktok being banned and obviously a few tiktok creators had made videos of the byte app telling people to go on there and download the app to bully “millennials off the app” looking back it was very childish and immature but in that moment of time I thought it was hilarious, so I’d go on random content creators videos and tell them they where unfunny or their content sucked failing to realise I could’ve impacted someone’s mental health. As someone who suffers from bad mental health myself I should’ve realised why this was wrong and should’ve been more empathic however I was too blinded by my own childishness to realise this. I’m not proud of my actions nor was I expecting anyone to accept this apology.I just wanted to take ownership for my actions and apologise, so I am truly sorry and I hope that byte can become a safe and supportive community again :slight_smile: I hope anyone didn’t do anything that could endanger themselves bc of the wave of toxic comments :frowning: