Apologizing for my long long post

Hello, I just wanted to say that I realized a lot of my post are very long and I want to apologize for that. I don’t mean for them to be lengthy, i just like to give detail about my thoughts and everything like that. So, from now on, ill try my best to be shorter and simpler, sorry yall.

I Am Mother Review 80%

This movie about robot mother who isn’t robot mother wow its pretty good. Pretty movie nice story, interesting plot twist. You wont believe what happens! Wow! Watch it! Thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t be sorry! As I stated on the server, you putting maximal effort into something you’re passionate about shouldn’t really deter people from having a look at it.


Don’t mind the long post! I don’t have the patience to critique movies :grimacing:Glad someone does!!


Don’t apoloigize, the respect you’re getting by putting out your content is all you need.


Don’t apologize, just because some people don’t want to read long post doesn’t mean you have to apologize. If you want to keep writing these reviews because you’re passionate about them just keep doing it. Nothings stopping you. You can go into more detail than the 3 sentences you gave at the end. Be as passionate as you want. :sunglasses:


I personally don’t mind the long posts. You should go into as much detail as you want, and if some people don’t want to read what you write in your posts, then there is plenty of other topics they can go and read :smiley: