API For Developers

I’m developing a platform that works with influencers.
Have you considered providing developers a public API ?

So we can get posts from a viner if this person allows us to do so.
And get analytics from their account ?


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What is an API? Sorry


I’m wondering the same thing too

@ThomyBalca @lumiere

take note of this quote too. Thats really the main idea of what an API is used for

Oh I’m not good at computer software

I didn’t understand the begining, but I saw Analytics, and think this is a need!

Giving a public API would mean that third-party apps can use and access the app in certain ways. Apps like “v2 Analytics” or “FREE V2 FOLLOWERS”, etc. would use this to be able to access information on v2’s servers.

I think that this would be useful for analytics, but could be used for the slightly very, 𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪 annoying “GAIN FOLLOWERS FAST” type apps.


People can still make fake GET FOLLOWERS FAST websites without a v2 API.

Ah, I wasn’t aware of that

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As an iOS & Web Developer myself, I see this as a really cool feature and a good way to get publicity. If v2 doesn’t make an API, then at least make an embed button.

HTML example:
<script src=“v2.co/v2-api.js”>


As in embedding v2 videos on different sites, right?
Old Vine had this feature too, so v2 will most likely have it too.