Anyone who wants to be in a V2 instagram group chat!

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Hey! I’d love to be a part of the gc! My instagram is:

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Click that link in the original post!

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@ Yoitsmajd

@leesmithwho if u want to add me!

The IG V2 group is FULL so we made 2 FB Groups for sharing each others content & getting to know eachother before the launch! :slight_smile:

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Sure! @realdylancollins

@Tyler_Goodie on insta!

@stam__f my instagram account please add me on the group chat

gladly. @divathecoconut

Itsyaboysami fire memes in the dms

id love to be , @flynnk15 thanks

I’m @aarongodfrey on both insta and byte

@yamanmustafa :pray:t6:

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