Anyone to watch on youtube here?!

Leave you’r Youtube names here and I’ll check them out! Love watching other peoples youtube!
Check me out if you want! Peace let me know what you think. kinda new to yt :laughing:

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In all fairness, I was never a fan of PewDiePie’s style of screaming at horror games back in the day, but recently he’s become entertaining to watch. He’s just become a satire of himself where the amount of fucks that he gives is so low that the lack of content he has in every video is content in itself. He has really invented a new art form of satire. Good boi.

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Been planning on uploading, but haven’t started yet.
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3 Likes (@julieohdeer) is my channel :slight_smile: kinda bad videos, an attempt at comedy, view at your own risk :joy:

I stop watching YouTube, It bored me ;))

I started to make vines here is my youtube channel

Here’s my latest video. Trying to think of ideas for the next one currently

Here is my youtube channel help me reach 1000subs :blush::blush:

Subscribe my youtube channel help me reach 1000subs :blush:

hey! my vine compilation with very outdated vines, btw, (i made it in august 2017 and downloaded the vines in december 2016) has over 730k views and i still can’t believe it! although im not making any money, it has helped my channel grow a lot and has also kickstarted my love for making videos, which i will make sure i make more of in the future. my channel is: grace phalon so if you guys want to check it out and subscribe that would mean so much because i need some more to be able to monetize my videos! thanks!!!

For sureee check me ouT Thanks guysss