Anyone play rhythm games here?

Dance Dance Revolution, Osu, Project Diva, etc. Anyone play any or have before?

I’ve played just dance :face_with_raised_eyebrow: idk if this is what you mean :joy:

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I love playing just dance. I played all the PS3 versions, and I’m very competitive on it.

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Yep that counts :joy:

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Oooo nice! I have all the versions for the Wii, but I’m not very good at it haha


i played that but i don’t have that anymore sadly, the nostalgia is gone for me

played which one? :o

Does Just Dance count? Cause I play Just Dance… :sweat_smile:

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Same it’s so fun

I used to play a lot of Love Live but I kinda went off of it after a while. Osu is also fun but my shoulders feel like they’re gonna crack whenever I play it haha