Anyone Play/Interested In Dungeons & Dragons?

…or any tabletop games for that matter. Roleplay or otherwise.

There’s a lot of people on this forum so I know there’s bound to be some people into the game, and I’m interested in meeting new folk. Plus, who knows, some people might find that much-needed group to finally start playing either or again or for the first time.

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I got close once. When I had the free time, we couldn’t form a party. When we finally did, I had to leave :what:

I’m in several online places (roll20, RPGTableFinder, etc) but never find anything other than DnD or pathfinder.

I’d love it if suddenly a Tabletop group could get together from here, and espeically if there was interest for more than DnD!! Right now I’d love to find a Pathfinder table with two open spots (to play with my boyfriend).

But more than that, I ALWAYS want to find tables for lesser known games like Paranoia, Blades in the Dark, RyuuTama, Fiasco…

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I think we’ve all been there, but hopefully you’ll get your chance to play!

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Have you ever played any Fate?

currently i’m in a fallout inspired rpg and before that did a m&m campaign but i’ve never actually got around to playing a full dnd campaign (though i’ve played a few oneshots). i don’t really know a lot about other tabletop games but the ones i’ve heard so far sound p cool !


No, I’m not familiar. And a quick google search didn’t give me a lot of clarity either. What’s it like?


Yeah, that was online, now I ask around in real life. I would take it if most of our sessions are online, in text even, as long as we connect a bit in person. At least that’s what I look forward.

But if something starts here, I’ll cheer y’all on!

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I don’t really have a great way to describe Fate, other than that is is far easier to customize and tinker with than any other system I’ve played. I’d love to explain it, but I’ve never really had to before and don’t know where to start really.

Do you know where I could find more about it? A rulebook, or some anecdotes… I’d love to know more!
I’m always looking for new and interesting Tabletops to “not play ever because I will never find a table but at least I can complain about it in the hopes that someone will get interested enough”

(I am tired of DnD being pretty much the only thing around)

Yeah, totally! So there’s the main one I use, and what I learned off of. Fate SRD. There’s also a Reddit and from what I’ve seen it seems fairly chill there, though I don’t know what success you’d find in asking for help learning.

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Oohhhhh, thank you!! This looks very user friendly! Imma check it out now.
Seriously thanks!!

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Yeah. I DM when I get the chance. Just moved house though so been a bit busy :disappointed_relieved:

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I might be interested but my Phone cannot handle that game.

Might try if they would release Desktop/Microsoft Store Version Through Windows 10.

Suki the Hyper Fox.

I hope it does well for you! It’s gotten me far enough at least, haha.