Anyone know this phenomenon

If you do, please explain:


ok so there’s this tiktoker @chunkysdead who’s fans are called the step chickens, to be a step chicken you set your profile picture as that


Yup - crazy how fast she grew - 1.6M followers, started a Spotify song, merchandising store, and now an app.

Congrats to her for being so smart to capitalize on it :gift_heart:


1.6m in how many days or months?


Not sure the time frame but she’s a smart business girl - only 26

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Ya I have seen her profile picture almost everywhere

lol so is this a cult family kind of thing? :rofl:

stepchickens :smiley:

I do not understand her appeal whatsoever and this bizarre rush to be a part of her “cult.” I get that the participation is fun, but what is driving people to give a shit? I scrolled through her feed for about 40 posts and it was NOTHING other than boring slice of life garbage.

She is young athletic and pretty but presenting herself as crass and edgy. Its a niche that kids can get into because it’s kinda new but the same. Also lil stepchickens taps into the cute cult wich is massive there.

What is crass and edgy about her? I didn’t see anything of the sort personally.

She has a song singing that she has a big horse :rooster: “thingy” and her profile pic is unflattering when she is pretty… it’s lame but works

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:roll_eyes: I guess.

frizzy hair syndrome :rofl:

Doesn’t matter what cause her to be so big, but we can all agree that it’s nice to celebrate another creator success whichever platform they are on.

I hope she sustains it but she was very smart to pivot immediate to capture that audience. :blush::gift_heart:

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I started my own cult on tiktok. The Froggy D cult


@electronicant78 - we did a parody joke about it and called it “#StepDabbers


Holy moly, you’re popular on TT :fire::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Nah, I’m average on there

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