Anyone investing in Cryptocurrencies?

(or interested in investing)
I was wondering what you thought about what’s happening to bitcoin right now. Do you think it’s safer to invest in ethereum or litecoin atm?

OCN TRX and litecoin. ETH seems most stable but I don’t own any of that. Also, for the past few years bitcoin and other coins have dropped off in January for some reason


Personal experience is Bitoin is highly volatile, and if anything, you’re hoping for a long term investment with it.

As @Emptypinata stated, ETH is quite stable and in my opinion a good starting cryptocurrency. I’m in no way shape or form an expert on the topic though.

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Me either lol

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Thanks guys! I also heard that China might unban cryptocurrencies and icos this coming may, so it might be a good idea to buy some while they’re low.

I’ll look into OCN and TRX, I’m fairly new to this :sweat_smile: Thanks guys!!

What would you guys use to trade/buy? As of now, I’ve only used Coinbase

Do a bit of research but I use binance and kucoin. It’s a little tricky getting coins transferred to those two exchanges.

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I have actually recently become interested every since the news about Bitcoin. If only I knew sooner…

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I want to know more about crypto. Wish there were more crypto threads

Seems like there are quite a few now, wouldn’t know which to invest in without more research.

What is that? The Crypyocurrencies

My family have a few litecoins and have made a grand or so.

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the #1 rule is you have to be prepared to lose the money


What the hell is bitcoin


It’s virtual money. Like Dom said, you’ve to be ready to lose the money. To sell the virtual coin you must find someone interested in buying it.

I started off forgot about it, gained 700% in two months, and then actually started trading. After I started trading for the first time in my life I lost 90% of my entire capital

Well, to my knowledge (and I could be wrong) Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, created by a dude named Satoshi Nakamoto, who intended to make a peer to peer electronic cash system. The currency uses encryption to regulate the generation of its units, and to verify the funds transfer of funds (Essentially making it a currency that’s independent of a bank or monetary authority).
So, you can have a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, and gain wealth with out having to worry about anyone restricting or confiscating your money.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong–

And @dom is right! This is basically an investment, now, like stock. You have to be prepared to take a risk if you want to make any profit. A couple years ago, my Econ professor went off topic and started talking about investing, so I’ll tell you guys what she said-

“When you’re investing in any market, invest when the buying price is low, and sell when it’s high” Simple enough, but she emphasized when she got into selling, Never sell when a share is lower than what you bought it, you’d just losing money. It’s basically a waiting game. If it get’s lower, wait until it goes back up. Should happen eventually.

I’ve invested before, but the crypto world seems to have settled a bit