Anyone here who DIDN'T use V***?

I assume most of y’all used Vine and are here because of that. I, personally, somehow wasn’t swept up in that wave at the time (though I seem to miss out on a lot of things, so that isn’t really unusual for me. :P) though did create an account with it in, I think, early 2016 and onyl briefly played around with it to get a feel of it.

I suppose I rather regretted not using it more and getting more into it and I guess that’s why I’m excited about V2 and was curious as to how many other people on here are here who didn’t use the original Vine? I assume there aren’t that many. :stuck_out_tongue:


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I didn’t make vines but there was a period of time where I watched them. But like most people, I didn’t appreciate it until it was gone.


Same for me. Never made vines but always enjoyed watching them.

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I didn’t make vines coz I wasn’t confident enough but now I am I think


I didn’t use the original vine :upside_down_face: I wish I had though
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I didn’t use Vine when it was released. I heard about it, and never got into it. I didn’t get a chance to see a lot of the early days of social media. facebook, twitter, sogamed (if anyone knows what that is :wink: ). But Vine was one I didn’t catch up to as an editing tool. When I noticed you could add your vine to your twitter, I was interested, but i was to late. Couldn’t make an account and it had shut down. I’ve tried out Vine Camera here, and there.

yeh boi. Always had ideas but in Junior year of high school I had little time to implement them before Vine shut down

Same with a lot of you guys: I never used Vine nor really developed an interest in it until months after its shutdown, but I’m very excited to see the development of v2 as an app and as a community.


Picked up vine in 2013, used it near-daily, and was very sad to see it go. Extremely excited to see it return.


Welcome to the best social network in the world :cupid:

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I only used the original vine to watch vines in the first few months than left it. I thought the app wasn’t going to be big… boy did I make a mistake


I never used it to post, but the memes were my life tho, forreal


I didn’t use Vine to make vines. Browsed it for the last couple months of 2016. I got really into it because of the compilations on YouTube. Also, randomly off topic, but I can’t find out how to post questions. I can reply, but I can’t post questions to the forum. And also is there an app for this?


I just turned 17 this month, and so when vine became popular I was never interested probably due partly to my age. I’m really looking forward to trying V2 out though, and being part of the community


i made an account for the app but i never really used it i would just watch those compilations on youtube with some friends from time to time

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I never downloaded the Vine app EVER so I am gonna give ■■■■■■ a try…

I never had vine, I got my first phone pretty late and just never felt the need to use it but looking at it now I regret it so much. I spent my whole winter break watching compilations

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I never got into Vine, but I’m not entirely sure why. I can’t wait for v2 though! I’m really excited to be part of a positive and happy community. :slight_smile: