Anyone here stream on twitch?

So people have mentioned twitch in relation to ads, subs, teams and other features for v2, but I haven’t seen a thread dedicated to people’s twitch channels yet or for people from twitch, so I made this for twitch streamers to plug their channels and just generally other twitch stuff that anyone wants to say.

Edit: I stream at


Nope, but i watch a lot

Not on twitch yet :P.

Not but I watch a lot of LOL streamers and some Fornite.

nope but nice profile, i like how it goes with your username!

Thanks. I thought about it for quite a long ngl.

Twitch is something I’ve always wanted to be apart of and stream. @Tiana this could be something for a creative outlet. Steaming, as I see it, will be bigger than youtube in the near future. It’ll be more entertaining than live tv and even though many people play the same game, there’s different persoanlities that love to entertain. (Even the ones that show cleavage). Twitch is also an amazing way to make revenue if you continue to go down this path. You’re more interactive with your fanbase. Twitch and maybe YouTube Live will change the foundation on how we watch our content for years to come.

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I’ve definitely watched a couple people stream on Twitch and I’ve thought about it too. I still might, but probably in the future.

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I really enjoy watching streamers on twitch. mostly lol and fornite

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Same I started to play fortnite and it’s fun as hell

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This is my channel.

I feel like twitch is overcrowded