Anyone here residing in Asia?

Most of the users right now are currently residing in the states. Was wondering if any of the users here are in Asia currently?

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Good question , I think I may know two or three people in Asia that have signed up

Refer me to this thread man! Let’s link up

If I can find I’ll be sure to link you to the thread :smile:

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Which part of Asia? thats so cool!

Lol dayum Jennifer you are everywhere here. Currently Singapore

me :slightly_smiling_face:

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hello from Hong Kong
great to hear v2 is released

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V2 forum is only released, App is not released yet so stay calm.

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Whereabout are you from man?

I’m from India

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Sweet! Let’s keep up with this thread and keep contact. I’ll create a chat group soon for v2

ph bruh
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sweet I’m filipino
but i grew up in Singapore
drop your socials ill start up with an IG group

I would much rather live in Japan than be living in America tbh

haha interesting. why tho?

I’m really into anime and the culture there in general, rn I’m learning Japanese to be able to live there someday. Living in New Jersey is kind of boring.

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That’s great! Keep at it. I’m sure with enough work put in you’ll be able to

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Thanks! I’ll do my best :laughing:

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Hmmm it seems like there’s still not much from Asia lol. All good! Spread the word people of this thread! :slightly_smiling_face: