Anyone hear about the ~actual~ Byte House

So I was watching James Marriott’s most recent video ( and he talks about the “Byte House” which I guess is the UK counterpart to the “Hype House” in the US. Just thought it was a weird/funny thing and wondered if anyone else had heard about it lol


Lol, I heard about this but TikTok is owned by ByteDance so it makes sense

Now there is Club House :joy:, also change the topic to #off-topic


And what are we waiting for to go there? Tomorrow I pick them up, hahahaha.
Ok no.

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Nope but i dream a byte mansion if that helps :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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Why do we always have to have houses? Why can’t we have apartments? :thinking:

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How about we just rent out an entire village? Or islands? No money. And we exchange insects and vegetables for other things…