Anyone from Kansas?

I was wondering if anyone from V2 forums is from Kansas?

I am not, hope you can know someone :wink:

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SORRY i have to haha, and answering your question em no idk im not from there tho


Kansas is a state and Arkansas is another state but Arkansas is Pronounced Ar-Can-Saw and Kansas is pronounced Kan-Sus

Oh I know thanks for telling me haha, I said that bc it was a v*ne reference

Oh, i wasn’t a big vine person the first time around because I was younger but now I have had time to see what it was like… So I’m going to try it out… Sorry I don’t get the reference

How old are you? :full_moon_with_face: ohhh don’t worry i have just 2 references that i know so when you said that it was the perfect opportunity to tell it haha

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I’m 15 I kinda started looking at vine towards the end but that’s it

From Kansas yes, still live in Kansas no. Currently Iowa, and soon Indianapolis, Indiana come this summer. But I’ll be back in the state every once in a while.

Maybe in this groupchat?

nope, im from ohio

Close! I’m from Missouri! We have Kansas City in our state. Well, half of it!