Anyone feeling the same?

So I’ve been trying to post everyday but my job and home life really suck and constantly clash. My questions are:

Do others find themselves in a creative rut?
Do you guys have problems putting time into your bytes?
Do you feel like you aren’t where you want to be with your bytes?

I wanna know bc I’m very close to quitting byte bc it bothers me I’m not as good as I can be. Thanks :heart:


I was disorganized for the longest time. But I am no just getting myself on track by holding myself to big standards and goals and such.


Creative ruts? Definitely, it happens to everyone.

Putting time into making bytes? It can be challenging sometimes if you have a job or go to school, sure. It depends on how complex your videos are. Some of my videos take a lot of time, some are fairly quick to make. I try to balance a bit of both.

Not where you want to be? That’s something only you can determine. But if you recently started doing this, it can take a while to find your groove. Experiment and play! It shouldn’t be work. Try different things and see how people respond. Don’t quit. Instead, take a short break away from Byte, then come back with a fresh outlook. See how you feel after a week-long break. Or longer if you need it.

Everyone is different. Try new things and challenge yourself to do something different. But most of all, have fun!


Yeah, I hit moments of depression every now and then. For instance, I recently released a four-part project that I had worked on the whole weekend even though I don’t typically work on videos on the weekends. I felt burned out that I chose to take a one-day break, but then I thought of an idea and made a video only for it to perform pretty poorly compared to the rest of my vids. I’m fine now, but I’m learning the hard way when not to push myself. I know it’s not the same situation as you, but I do get stuck in ruts, even when I seem to be doing well in the eyes of others. :blush:


My job was demanding 60 hours a week and I’m still in college :sweat_smile: I even calculated my salary out and learned I was making less than minimum wage but that’s a different story I just quit my job yesterday so hopefully I can get back to making bytes. I was really mad at myself for letting my dreams go for a few weeks while I let someone else walk over me, but no sense in dwelling, it’s time to workk!

So dont quit, you’ll never get another chance like this. You’ve gotta keep at it, find out what about creating makes you happy and hone in on that! Weve got this


Yes, absolutely. My best videos were when I was on vacation with my family but now they’ve all moved back to their home state and I have to film solo. I have a ton of ideas that I can’t pull off until I see them again. But I’m just trying to come up with new ideas that are more doable while still being fun/funny.

I’ve switched to posting every other day to give myself a small break and it feels really nice. You should do the same if you’re feeling burnt out. But don’t give up! Even if you post a really easy video. Don’t get obsessed with the numbers. Just have fun with it! :slight_smile:


For me it’s more like i know what i want to do, but can i execute it?

I would suggest branching out. Try putting yourself in another category (literally)
Im normally in comedy heavy, but the past day or so ive been posting to “weird” just so i can experiment with this series of bytes im working on titled Accidentally Went Back In Time and Got Stuck In the Apocalypse, I find that when im sort of hitting that plateau, its helpful to do other things, because that is usually when i get my best ideas. I get some of my funniest byte ideas watching movies. Because when you aren’t thinking about it is when going to happen.
Please don’t quit, yourself and other creators like you are what’s necessary to help this app move forward. Take a step back to reassess what it is you want out of this, and then make a plan to do that. It can be something as simple as allotting 10 minutes here or there to brainstorm/research. Itll come when you least expect it. Just keep going, you got this!


Look, you don’t have to post everyday.
I tried doing that for a few months and it was damn near IMPOSSIBLE with my 14-16 hour work days, balancing out a pregnant wife and kids with my work was already difficult, not including trying to fit byte into my daily routine, sure it’s only 6 seconds but it takes time to plan/record these masterpieces that we want to share! I’ve tried doing a video every other day or even 3 days apart. Don’t stress your life out for byte. Plan ahead and take time to relax your mind. Trust me, I was at the point of quitting but a close friend of mine who will remain anonymous hyped me back into this. We all get to the point where we decide maybe this isn’t for me, but if you give up… you’ll never know what you could have become. Stay positive and keep posting!! The byte family has your back :metal:t2:


Hey, dude! I’ve said this before on burnout, so I’ll say it again :^).

When it comes to feeling burned out, I always tell people – I’m, like, captain of the ship. In my experience, it’s always been less creative burnout, but a lack of motivation to execute ideas. I have numerous scripts written down, but no motivation to record and chug through them as I did during launch. Release hype has died down, and as Dom has stated, we’re reaching the ‘real numbers’ stage where we’re seeing members of the app come back consistently over days or weeks, not just joining then promptly leaving.

For me, it’s been just making a change as simple as a more spread out uploaidng schedule. No more uploading once a day, 7 days a week. Once every few days is more than enough, while we let the community grow naturally, before our creative flair inevitably comes back into the limelight. For now, just take it a bit easier, don’t focus on the numbers, focus on being a member of the community. Also, do collaborations! That way, you make content a two-way street with another user, instead of focusing all your energy into burning yourself out alone. :^) keep your chin up! <3


I’ve been feeling burnt out as well, I want to improve myself, so I try to post everyday, but this routine drains me since I am working and studying. So, I try to take a step back, let my inside rest a little, and get back, more often that I used to.

you are not alone feeling like this, so hang in there. We are all on our way to greatness!


I’m an EXTREMELY busy person and many assume that I have a lot of free time. But, I post random content which takes me literally less 30 - 60 sec.


You’ve inspired me I’m going to quit my job to make Bytes too. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!


I do find myself in a rut. I have ideas and I have loads of bits and skits planned out but I’m having mental health issues which are holding me back, and body issues that come with that. I can’t stand to see or hear myself, so when I want to make content that revolves around speaking and using facial expressions, that gets a little tough, huh?


I wish I couldve quit the entire job, but I only quit my “promotion” :joy::joy: havent been accepted into the creator program yet and I’ve still got bills to pay, RIP


Thanks guys! You really helped! :heart::heart: