Anyone else!?

Anyone else feel like they’re just not doing well? I’m trying to interact and things like that, but it just seems like I’m not doing as well as others. Anyone have any tips or criticisms for me? Username is : @LloydTV


Yes but I am not disappointed
Cuz they are talented, funny and skilled
And i am just basic at all…
I started making own sounds instead of learning how to be a better videographer
And stuck in a inspohole because my knife is broke and amazon didn’t deliver and my masking tape wont hold… Gnaaaa

But it is still funny to share my art with others


I’ll check your page out :rocket::ok_hand:t4:


I looked at your page and honestly you might just have to wait for your audience to come along. I liked a couple of your vids :+1:t5: Just keep being you and don’t get too discouraged.
In the famous lyrics of Kendrick Lamar, “You know careers take off, you just gotta be patient.”
Kendrick:Element Verse 2 :open_book: