Anyone Else Worried About Youtube/Insta/Twitter/Facebook Starters?

We all know that there’s plenty of famous people with huge platforms that WILL make a V2 account. It’s going to happen, and there’s nothing WRONG with it, I’m just concerned about V2 becoming the same app with the same artists and same content as it’s predecessor. It’s considerably harder to expose yourself to the viewers if they are constantly tangled up on accounts that said “Hey go follow me on V2”. Just wanna know ur thoughts


Someone else talked about this, but I don’t have a link :neutral_face:

don’t know how this can be avoided, i don’t think people can be punished for building a following. that being said, i agree that it’s not completely… fair(?)

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Trust me, Dom is aware of this and has hinted at things in the works that will equal the playing field more


I definitely think you’re making some good points. I think dom wants to find a way to avoid this from happening as well. I’ve read some threads about this where there are some ideas to prevent it. You may wanna check some out :slight_smile: I’ll look for a link!

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Heres on link about past stars:

What do you think about this?


about to link that!

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I’m sorry Jennifer :sweat_smile: I’ll give it to you next time!

I mean I believe they should be able to come back as long as they didn’t produce a toxic community. I’m hoping for a link to something that will actually propose a SOLUTION to the issue :joy:

We have talked a bit about this before… it seems that everyone, on this forum at least, is all for seeing smaller artists succeed. While yes, if big names come to V2, they will have numbers. BUT I doubt we’ll get to a place where accounts with good content & low numbers will be stuck at the bottom.


Maybe give the bigger users a requirement of looking over newcomers’ content and establishing collaborations with them before making a new post… It’s a draft idea, but it may help with community building

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I think, especially in the beginning of v2, that the “big names” would not play a big part on the platform, since Youtubers as Lele mainly create weekly videos. They need to film, edit, etc. There is not a lot of time for them to make videos for v2 anyhow.

And if Instagrammers with a good amount of followers would want a video platform, they could just encourage their followers to follow them on YouTube.

The above is just me speculating, but it would make sense.

Then again, there are sayings that people as Lele (yes, I’m using her as my example) are obsessed with numbers (followers, views) so that could mean that they would want to start with v2 as soon as possible to become the most followed person.

Okay, sorry for my messy post that goes from left to right.


I know for sure your first bit holds, since I know another former Viner is too busy with his YT channel and doesn’t plan on going to V2.

As for the second part, they might get lost in figuring out algorithms and teetering between platforms, so that’s something to consider.

Good points all around :ok_hand:

Some of them would be back, but I don’t think that every famous viner would make that jump.

Some of the bigger viners from back in the day are genuinely nice people. Matt Post, Woodsie, Sylvio, Jake Holland, Jacob Carr etc. all had big followings with they deserved because made great content and were super community members. I look forward to people like that coming back.

Thomas Sanders was one of my favorites.

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As far as V2 has an Artists on the Rise section or a section with only small accounts it should be enough to being able to make it big one day.

Only thing you can do is start grinding as soon as the app releases. Do your best to produce your best content and hope for the best. I dont see it as unfair because they were in our shoes before to they just put in the work to get to where they are now.

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