Anyone else on Byte with "unique" pets?

I post a lot about the oak moths I’ve been raising (I’ve dubbed the largest of the current bunch “thick lad”) and I’m curious to see if any of y’all also have little members of your family?
If ya do, I’d love to follow some of y’all! It’s always nice to see others who can appreciate insects and other uncommon pets.


I have my 2 parakeet, a husky and two cats lol. I used to have ratties but they passed away.


I have a cat named Anakin that was born without a pelvis and back legs. I also have another cat named Mika with nubs for back legs. I post videos of them & my other cats :heart_eyes_cat::paw_prints::heart: I’ll follow any other pet accounts that follow me @AnakinTwoLegs