Anyone else notice a lack of activity on here?

Over the past few days I have noticed a huge drop in inactivity. I’ve even had a few homies mention it to me.

Where is everyone? Is it because the pandemic going on? People aren’t at work so they don’t need a distraction or something?

Probably just a phase. Have you guys noticed?


I think I’ve been seeing a lot of new faces, or at least faces I haven’t seen before.


Same! But if you look at some of the heavy hitters who normally get 300+ likes per post are now getting like 150 likes per post? People who typically get 150 are now getting 80? Super weird it’s all at the same time. Not a coincidence.


Oh, you’re talking about the app? I was talking about the forum haha.

Could be a multitude of reasons, just burn out, personal life, lost interest, doing better on TT, etc.

I guess the truth is the majority of people here want to “make it” in social media, and if they don’t feel like they are on Byte, they’re gonna leave. I personally only know very few (maybe single digit numbers) who are here for the memes, which is kinda disappointing. I mention this because Partner Program is starting in like 5 days.

Personally, I haven’t posted in 7 days (I just noticed today) - the last few features (# and categories) just haven’t resonated with me. I feel like there is a pressure to make Bytes that are inspired by the features, which doesn’t feel very creativity first, but I respect that it might be what we need… It feels like people are forcing out content. That’s my own personal problem though.


I think sometimes message boards go through lulls.

I also…I say this out of respect of everyone here…but I feel like sometimes on message boards when one person makes multiple topics in a day it can be a little intense and drive out others from the conversation.

That’s a super interesting perspective and I’m glad you brought that up! Byte is kinda a bubble right now. Everyone is waiting for the app to get better and a lot of people on byte (like myself) is their first experience making content. I know my content isn’t amazing right now but a lot of us are just gonna get better. I hope everyone sticks around for that day when it does.

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I’ve actually noticed a BIG increase in new faces. I’m happy to see that even in this Corona epidemic, that byte is still growing in both popularity and users! Yes, engagement is still on the lower side vs the competition apps which are tiktok, instagram… etc. But everyday, byte gets new users and continues to slowly grow every day and I’m excited to be a part of this community, or should I just call it family? Because this community has come so far together and will continue to grind till the end! As long as we all continue to work together as one big family and spread the word of byte to our friends and close ones, byte will be #1 in time. Dont giveup hope!!!


Yeah, just a combination of reasons like AaronKim and Lacieyl have mentioned. The release hype has died down, some people have burned out and moved to other platforms, many bots/alternate accounts inflating activity have been shut down, people are busy dealing with economically staying afloat during this pandemic, etc. I feel it’s all pretty reasonable, and also has been leveling out over the last month. There’s still a solid community making good videos and a dev team who still care immensely about making this app happen here, and I think that’s the most important thing for now.

As far as the forums, I think there’s less going on to currently talk about, thus less activity. There definitely are a few users who are creating dozens of posts in a row, which I think can clutter the forum, so maybe there could be a limit on how often you can start a new thread to prevent it.


One new thread every 30 minutes/60 minutes?

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the cluttering used to be a big problem, then it stopped for a while, but it’s come back lately which sucks. im all for involvement and whatnot but its repetitive…


Never gonna don’t give up

Just thought I’d bring it up because I know a few friends that have brought it up to me and I’ve noticed as well. I just worry some might get discouraged and take it personally. But would you agree you’ve noticed less activity? Or nah?

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Wait really?? I thought it was just me lol. Anyways yea I noticed a lot of decrease on the activity during this entire season. With that I also would like to say how what I did was completely opposite. I went more active here and on the app recently during this situation more than ever since the past few months. I have noticed that there were few that I liked was lost and I’ve seen new and interesting ones.

But let’s say we all have priorities. Not everyone could be in the right state of mind to be in this app. Some may have offline priorities. Some may be really busy. And that’s fine.


Right! You’re not alone lol I wanted to bring this up to show everyone that it isn’t just them. I don’t want anyone to get discouraged and quit creating!

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Oh it fluctuates, definitely with me


The algorithm changes have actually taken more new users (whether they join recently or haven’t engaged with our content) to like our videos - but overall, it’s been normal for last week or so but definitely dropped since a month ago :blush:


This thread sums up the lack of activity…

I’ll say this, I haven’t been active in Byte group chats and the app itself. Some may relate but I’ve slowed down on wasting time in the app b/c I felt burned out, little depressed w/ COVID-19 mess, busy with school assignments and projects, and as well as FT all day with a couple of my friends. I’ve been a little active here and there on the community forums.

Right now I have a lot free of time but I took a break to have time for myself to relax or de-stress.

…meanwhile, I have a lot of collab requests pending in my PMs that I haven’t done, I’ve been slacking but I’ll return on grind soon though :sweat_smile:


@pac ur inactive state is me being most active :joy::joy::joy:

You are on her 26 hours in a 24 hour day - u r Mr Byte


Also, I feel like it’s easy (for me) at least to have a short memory when it comes to activity - I forgot this place was popping on Wednesday when you had us talking about #MeetTheWomen and one other thing on here.


Lmao… ME trying hard not to flex. I try… :joy::rofl:

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But it’s a compliment :gift_heart: