Anyone else checked out Bits yet?

Hey everyone!

So, I found this app last month called Bits. The short version is: it’s a video app for acting out different scenarios that are given by the app each day.

The long version is: It’s like a game where there are a few hastags each day to act out. The goal is to create a video for one (or all) and see if yours gets in the top 3 for that day. It’s pretty rad because there are new tags every day and it definitely kickstarts some good ideas (for me at least!) You can also create your own tags and get people to join in on it too. I’ve had a few content creating friends check it out too and so far they’ve really been digging it. The video editing tools in the app are dope so you dont have to mess with a bunch of other apps to create a good video.

Anyways, I’m having a blast on it but it would be cool to see some of YOU on there too. There’s a lot of talent in these forums!! You can check it here:

PS: I’m posting about this app in the forum because its fun and I don’t feel like it is trying to compete with Byte, just FYI.


It’s really fun, guys. Definitely worth checking out while still waiting for byte to make it’s national (and international) debut. It’s like an all-one app, you can use other bits in your own scenarios, create your own skits with your own creative hashtags, has useful editing tools, and can send out to any other platforms like snapchat, instagram, or even your messages.


Seems cool honestly!


Sound nice …


Yeah, I’m feelin it. I like checking each day to see what the tags are. Keeps the ole mind fresh trying to come up with ideas each day!

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Dude. The editing tools are so awesome. I swear if other, unnamed apps, would’ve had editing tools this good, maybe they’d still be around… just sayin!