Anyone down for a Motion Design/Editing Team?

Just curious to see if anyone was interested in making a team dedicated to motion design/animation? Feel free to advertise other possible editing style teams here too! I know I’m not to self promote here but my instagram @.atropey shows what I kind of mean the best. Basically just that kind of stuff/motion design and traditional animation.

Anyway reply if you’re interested!


I will be in it! I’m good at editing.

I don’t know hot to do any of that but good luck! Hope to see some animations on V2

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checked out your insta, really cool stuff!

Same here man, I’m siked, V2 is going to spark so much creativity

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Thanks man, I really appreciate it!

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Editing as in video editing or like similar to what I do?

Here is another post to talk to similar artists as yourself

Editing is a skill I really need to get on top of learning, but as of right now i’m not very good at the craft. Interested to see what you have to create though.

If yall are using Premiere, I’m in

Thanks for the link, I actually looked at that post but it’s more for fan edits than motion design/animation, still though, a cool place to look through!

I use After Effects haha

Do you have projects in mind that you need to learn editing for or just want to learn because the skill is good?

Yay! :smiley:

Nice nice, how long have you been doing it?

Ive been editing video for most of my life at this point haha, obviously I’ve improved but since I was 3 I was making vids :slight_smile:

I’ve been “serious” at editing for 4 years now, I’m still a student so I’m no genius but it’s a passion of mine that I love :heart:

Woah that’s a long time you’ve put into this, I’m super impressed!

I don know that but i love animation :heart: keep work on that :wink:

I see many post like this (searching animations teams) check it

I will for sure!

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