Anybody home?

I’ll never leave. I’m the house band on the titanic.


Lmao word up! I’ll be right there with you.


Im singing there w you

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Well the current partner program is just a test isn’t it? It’s not central to the apps livelihood


No that’s not what I’m saying. All I mean is that if they make zero announcements until August and the byte program doesn’t continue that’s when I would think the app has run it’s course. But I’m pretty confident the team will say something between now and then.

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To your point, with everything happening in the world right now and people looking for some sort of escape to pass their time in lockdown or something to pass the time on their breaks at work or whatever, people are turning to Byte with even higher expectations than if things were going their “normal” pace. We’re all looking for inspiration and finding that it’s hard because not only is Byte in its infancy, but those who are tending to baby Byte are also dealing with what the world’s going through as well - and it’s affecting their lives outside of Byte, also.

Granted, I don’t really follow any of the developers on any other social media platform, but even then, it Dom posts something about his cat, I feel he should do so without the people questioning his loyalty to the brand. Just as we creators are feeling the strain of maintaining, I can only imagine that the developers are feeling it at least ten times as much.


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