Any youtube creators?

Hi, my name is Thief I am a content creator on youtube, and I wanted to know if any other of you guys are youtube content creators on here as well. :grin:

If you are link your channel below I would love to check out what everyone has got

If you want to collab let me know I would love to find a bunch of cool youtube creators out their

If you are interested in my channel you can find it here

Also I live in Texas if anyone is nearby


If v2 goes great, my goal is to become a youtuber. I’m in Houston sometimes

Love to collab! I did Youtube back in 2011 but gave up after school was my primary focus. Regrets, regrets. If the case is that we become big from this, I’d probably stick to Instagram videos and Vines. I’m sort of a dunce when it comes to YouTube besides watching it. :joy:


Oh houston? Im around 3 hours from there so like we could probably collab one day

Yeah same I also did youtube but I had to focus on school, I still do youtube now, but school is still my main focus

I actually just started my channel yesterday and I live in Houston my channel name is zaviyun’s World

My Instagram is @zaviyunn we can chat more on ig

same here, I’ve actually downloaded the Vine Camera app and made a few vines so I’m prepared when v2 comes out lol

Me, but my channel is a two second long dumpster if there ever was a two second video dumpster. Mine is the national symbol of garbage. But I just did a 22 minute stream so my friends who made other videos were mad because they only did 10 minute long videos. My YouTube channel is It’s Just Aiden and I’ll leave a link… there. I also have a website for it… it’s kinda weird too.