Any voice actors/actresses out there? I have a project going!

(I might be stupid enough. But if this is in the wrong topic, feel free to move it somewhere else)

If you’re a voice actor or actress. I have a casting call club project going on right now! It’s for my upcoming Splatoon SFM series 'Orange VS Black" which will be the battle against Squidbeak splatoon (Orange) & Infrunums (Black. With the captain being red) I’m doing the first phase of the casting call so I can gather some main & supporting characters for the series. Come join the project & audition for the series!


might actually consider auditioning! does it matter where you live to audition?

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I got the same question…

Nice, i am an actor too. The problem is that I’m from another country :confounded:

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I think you should ask this cosplayer @LapisSpazuli (Twitter)

It doesn’t matter where you live. Just make sure you do good! I’ll do results for the casting call’s 1st phase sometime in May.

I used to do it, I’ll definitely be down for getting back into voice acting :smile:

I thought you guys said you would audition. Is it for later or something?