Any updates on tiktok deadline

It’s almost deadlines what’s the details I gotta know. So far all I know is the CEO quit and there is no offer yet.

And why the hell do Walmart wanna buy tiktok that’s crazy. I don’t know what the hell Oracle is and why they wanna buy the app.

Microsoft is questionable right now but someone said they want Microsoft to cut tiktok I don’t know why


I believe the recent news we have on the subject is that Trump extended the date to 45 days. We’ll have to wait sometime in November.

I also heard China made a new rule that might make TikTok hard to buy. If that’s the case, no one might not be buying the app.

Me personally at this point, I’m just going with the flow. Whatever happens happens yuh know? :man_shrugging:


Me too I’m also going with the flow not over expecting anything

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the 45 days ends on the 15th- so like we have 5 days left


That’s what I’m thinking they can’t extend it by a other 45

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The original deadline was September 15th, then Trump recently signed a second executive order, extending the ban for another 45 days. 90 days in total. So the deadline is indeed in mid-November. :pensive:


On the 15th of September tiktok will be removed from app stores, after the November dead line a sale of Tiktok to a US company will be blocked this effectively bans tiktok indefinitely till then they are in limbo.


Ooo where did you read that? :eyes: I can only find articles stating that the entire removal is postponed until November, at which point it would be taken down if a deal wasn’t made.

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In this article right here posted 19 hours ago it said he did not say they would be an extension to the deal.

Okay also just found this from CNN that no deadline will be extended also.

I think what he meant by November is they need a “plan” or “deal” by this September. But the whole sale process (which is long when businesses acquire each other because you need approval from the FTC, supreme court and then if states think that it goes against anti trust laws they could sue to block any merger or sale like what held up the T - Mobile sprint merger)

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Oh snap you right :eyes:

Now I’m confused which day though, the CNN article says September 15th and the Bloomberg one says September the 20th lol.

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lol, that’s just fancy talk for more time needed lol. September 20th is more like if they were concluding a plan and “talks are concluding” and they needed time to finish up. But no one is talking and no plan or deal is on paper so probs gonna be the 15th.

Ah I just found a copy online of the executive order (yes I have no life lol). It was signed on August 6th and says “The following actions shall be prohibited beginning 45 days after the date of this order…” 45 days after August 6th will be September 20th. :hushed: We’ll see if that’s just a formality I guess lol.

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ye I look into things like that too attention to detail is key! haha either way tik toks bye bye days is gonna be soo sweat! :slight_smile:

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Nothing is going to happen.