Any updates on the v2 Discord?

I remember seeing earlier that dom was working on a Discord chat for the v2 community. I and I think the rest of the community would love to know how that’s going, and when it might come out? I’d love to be able to chat directly with my fellow artists.


I was curious about this as well. Good thing you created a thread.

Don’t think discord gonna be useful at this stage but I’m on discord all the time anyway :slight_smile:

We never knew anything else about that

Is this a discord created by Dan or community made discord?

The official community chat hasn’t been announced. All Though discord was an option, it wasn’t decided what platform we would use.


Keep us updated! :))

I think that is best Telegram or Snapchat for groups of this community?

Or Whatsapp :rofl: whatever U want…

it’d be great to be updated when you know more, thanks.