Any teens/tweens on here?

I’m aware that there’s another post about this but it’s a little spammy now. I plan on using v2 once it comes out and was wondering if there are any other people in my age group around here. I’m 14 and my name’s Maya. I notice there are a lot of young adults on here (which is really cool) but it might just make more sense to collab with people I have more in common with since most of them are 20+. If this thread gets any attention at all, I’ll start a group chat (most-likely snapchat or instagram). Drop your social medias down below!! :slight_smile:


Iam 16

:instagram: @thomybalca
:snapchat: thomasbalcabao

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thanks! once I receive more usernames (hopefully) I’ll be sure to add you to the chat!! :slight_smile:

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Snap: starbright622