Any sneakerheads in here?

new cops/releases you’re most excited for?


i love all the trendy sneakers but cant afford em so i rely on HQ knockoffs :’)


Sneakerheads??? What…?

Fila is a weird shoe but I saw some light green ones at journeys the other day that were sooo cute… I just got some new vans slip one the other day… I’m starting to get my collection up

I bought some Nike Air Force One’s recently, that’s it :laughing:

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fila has some pretty cool colourways for sure!

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haha AF1’s are lit

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I know this is a dead post, but I just want to say I’m kind of a sneakerhead cause a know a lot about sneaker ( not everything). However because I can afford them I’m not. The greatest shoes that I have are the comme des garçons converse and nmd cs2 then you know 3 vans and a Stan Smith

Feel like the CDG converse got way over produced, can walk into a shop and buy them now…

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i found this scarring and accurate image


I know, that’s what I’m saying like I know about sneaker and cloth but I can afford them. So…

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Not a sneakerhead yet. But I’ll get there one day.


:rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::joy:gotta look harder

just got af1s :slight_smile: