Any RWBY fans? Fav character? Fav episode?

My fav character: Blake, Yang, or Pyrrha. Can’t decide. But BUMBLEBEE is my fav ship.
Fab episode: hmmm…idk. But most memorable is Pyrrha’s SPOILER ALERT


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never watched it but rip Pyrrha

Blake is my favorite character

Where to start… I’ve rewatched the series at least 6 times this year that I just like all of it (even going to the Volume 6 premiere at my local theater :grin:)

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It’s going to be in theatres!? :scream:

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Yes, but it’s not gonna be like a regular movie release :sweat_smile:
I checked out one of their panels and they had a link to get premiere tickets for any local theaters that happen to partner with the Atom ticket vendor