Any predictions or details on the hashtag system?

One thing I noticed on these other lipsyncing apps is that they have certain trending hashtags that I think are made by whoever ran the app rather than the users. Would byte be similar or would it still be like how vine’s trending system? Or both?


TikTok’s trending hashtags are all premade and placed there by the company.

What’s even worse is how they come up with the trending tags on TikTok:

Someone who works at TikTok will search the app for videos they like. They’ll take some unsuspecting person’s video, assign it a new unique hashtag name, then show that person’s video to TikTok’s own Private Creator Group as an example to copy. The members of the group, select top stars on the app, have several days to create a video before the hashtag goes live on the app. The group members post their copied videos with the hashtag TikTok provided them, and then the tag goes live on the Apps’ trending page. Group members are rewarded with Official videos and Featured videos for the tag. The original person who’s video was used as the inspiration for the hashtags is never given credit. TikTok never asks permission if they can use the person’s idea for a trending hashtag. They never even notify the person.

I’d expect Byte won’t do this sort of thing. I hope it doesn’t! :smile:

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