Any Photographers & Filmmakers here?

Twitter and Instagram: @madebyapollo

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I’m a portrait/street photographer in Nashville. I can do video, but it isn’t my main selling point.

I’ll honestly be posting a mix of funny stuff and some artsy fartsy moving media on v2

@robbiestilwell on Instagram

Wish i came across this earlier but i do photography and film. My YouTube is: Symei

Instagram : drxpo
Twitter :drxpo

I consider myself to be a photograher/videographer. I have an eye for nature (my left eye doesn’t see very well), and I usually take a good pic whenever it looks pretty outside, or whenever my cat does something cute. Instagram is usually where I post my photos, as Twitter is more for news and things, but the handle below applies to both sites. I’ll probably do silly Nintendo things on v2, but I’ll try to apply my photography skills into the videos I make.


I have a YouTube as well, where I make comedy sketches using Mario plushies, but that’s not really important right now.

Photographer. I think it would be fun to challenge myself and try cinematography one day. I’ll be using v2 for experiments and random creativity though.