Any of you play Fortnite (save the world)?

I know that a lot of people plays Fortnite Battle Royale, but any of you play Fortnite Save the world?

Also, drop your PSN names:
My PSN name: ArmanGrey


I have an xbox and I wish I did

I have a friend code. I could give it to you if you had a PS4.


Damn it :triumph::triumph::triumph:

Cross-platform is not supported at the moment and when it will be supported, I am sure that STW will be free.

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I download the free version but i never play

I only play battle royale and I suck :laughing:

I downloaded it but I’m too afraid to open it, despite how sad that sounds

I suck at Battle Royale, that’s why I bought Save the World :joy:

Have you seen the pro players? They literally build a massive fort in 2 seconds and I can’t switch from my guns to building in 5 seconds :joy:

You definitely should check it out!

Play it!

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I know, I think I’m doing well then I see someone in a huge fortress :laughing:

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I just trying to stay as far as possible from player made structures.

Sorry, I don’t know who you are. Also, as it’s said.

“friend” code

I would like to play it my friend has it and hes says its really really fun

I am pretty good at the game and i would love a friend code can i please get one? :wink:

Psn = gamingbeast2016

Was wondering if ypu still had the friend code. My psn is Johanni480. I play on ps4 almost everyday and mostly fortnite. Would be great to have someone to play save the world with

My psn is kizaaz but I play on salamander1609 haven’t tried save the world yet really want to haha is it fun?

you have a friend code for me? If you do could you give me it i would love to play with you.