Any of y’all doing any home workouts?

Like those YouTube video challenges, etc.

One of my friends has convinced me to try and do one of Chloe Ting’s things so. We’ll see.


Chloe Ting workouts literally KILLLL MEE (in the best way) ! You’ll love them! She’s the only reason I still have a butt during self isolation!!


I think I’m gonna start with the flat tummy one!

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Omg girl, 3 days ago, I finished Chloe Ting’s 26 day hourglass program and saw amazing results! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I lost some of my tummy flab which was totally what I was aiming for :crazy_face:

Now I’m doing her 2 week shred challenge. :yum: Currently on day 4 :blush:


I’ve only been doing spoon and fork lifts. These are not the results you want.


I do, but not like YouTube stuff. :woozy_face:


So random this was posted. My wife just tried to kick me out of the room where I wont make fun of her workout video. Lol


Yes! I’m fortunate to have enough equipment to simulate the gym so I’ve been staying busy! :mechanical_arm:

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Ooooh! This makes me excited.
I always used to have such a flat stomach that I had v lines. I want to flatten my stomach out again.

Also; I’ve been feel lethargic and working out helps.

Do you have your own routine then?
One of my coworkers has been doing lifts with 50 Lbs of pet food daily lmao.

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Oooh, that’s good.
I miss having access to a standing bike. I only have a treadmill.

Was it an 80’s themed one? I love those ones, but sometimes it’s hard to not laugh during.

Yeah I started a workout routine last week, but I made sure that I personalized it myself and started off easy with increasing difficulty because I’ve injured myself by trying workouts that weren’t at my skill level by myself

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When I first started yoga, I did the most basic beginners yoga class every day for a month because I was so worried I’d over stretch myself.
I definitely feel that.

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I do. It’s something I’ve had for some time tho. I go to the gym usually, but it’s closed ya know.
I have a routine for when I can’t go to the gym tho.

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Lol smart! I’ve been meaning to do more yoga too! I hope you’ll share how the workouts go for you

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Home workouts are where I started originally on my weight loss journey and eventually getting more into taking care of my body.

I used to weigh 150+ when I was 4’11 in 7th grade, and I started doing the Insanity home workout program. I am probably one of the biggest proponents of home workout programs like Insanity or P90X you’ll ever meet – they’re amazing and efficient. If anyone ever has a hard time managing weight or fitness, literally, think about it – do the math. Just 30 minutes a day? Five to seven times a week? You’ll be losing weight left and right, and tack on YEARS onto your life thanks to just exercise alone. I speak from experience – they’re hard, efficient, and time-friendly. Amazing.

Edit: In fact, I think I’ll attach a collage of a before & after to better motivate people who want to pursue home workouts. Here you go!

Top left: Before I did Insanity, the home workout program (6th grade, middle school, 150, 4’11)

Top right: After completing insanity (lost 20 lbs in a good 60 or 80 days), then picking up running and joining Cross Country and losing another 20), 10th grade, high school, 125, 5’10

Bottom left: Freshman year of college, leaned out and started to work out a good amount, 6’0 and 155 lbs, age 18

Bottom right: Current, bulked up a little for higher muscle mass, 6’0 and 176 lbs, age 21 (i’m on the left :D)


As some of you may know I’m a physical therapist/personal trainer. I made an at home workout plan (no weights involved, you can use household items or perform with body weight) for some of my clients to follow. If any of you are interested here’s the link:


Thanks :blush: @dannis_singh


Anytime :muscle:t4::muscle:t4::muscle:t4: