Any music producers here, and can you share any soundcloud/youtube links?

I’m (slowly) trying to learn how to produce and I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their stuff here! I need inspiration haha.

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Hahaha good luck with that, I would also like to know

If you want to make your own music with sound effects etc I know this app called logic and it’s pretty good (my skl uses it) but it’s £200 and that’s v pricey

Subscribe to Internet Money on YouTube, very informational on today’s techniques used in popular genres of music

200$ is average for programs like that.

rapper/producer here. I’ll link my soundcloud: . Going to make a new account for beats n samples soon.

Info: I use maschine mikro 2 (a mpc); Maschine software for beats & FL studio to mix n master.

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I’ve actually got FL Studio 12 atm (which I saved up for for a while) but I’ve heard good things about Logic too

honestly, logic is way better than FL. Ableton too. FL was just the first I was introduced to, and I don’t even really produce with it, mostly just use it to record vocals. lol

I’m tryna learn how to produce too, even tho I wanna perform more than produce, but you kno, being able to do both would be mad cool

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Whenever y’all make something shoot me the link. I’d love to hear it.

Maybe one of you can make a beat and I’ll put some vocals on it, turn it into a real record :smile:

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yeah it isn’t that great but it’s really easy to use so that’s why I’ve stuck with it